Coraline opening analysistumblr_inline_ocnmemktja1t46lwm_1280

The film opens with a normal title sequence with a rusty coloured background, around the frame of the screen there is a white lace border which relates to the whole making of the doll scene. Both the colour of the background and the border complement each other well as the red/orange background creates a sense of danger before the film has started, emphasising that something is wrong, whereas the lace border gives off a cabaret vibe, causing a contrast. In addition, the title sequence fades in then fades back out afterwards to go into more titles. For instance the title sequence at the very beginning fades out and comes back with a different title this is a slow fade establishing on the fact that it is a horror/ thriller type of genre which it builds suspense to the climax of another title. When it gets to the title of the film it still has the same background but the writing has changed from bold, normal writing that looks like it’s been stitched with a needle and thread, as well as this there is a button for the O this gives the audience an insight to what’s going to happen next. Though little do they know is that the film is not what they think it is, in a sense, the audience may think that the film is about something getting sewn.
After the title it then goes back to normal writing, which the title then fades back out again, we then see a doll flying through a window followed by some strange hands which are metal, this appears as quite anonymous due to us only seeing hands and not a face of this character. The camera moves along with the doll which we see a close up of the doll getting put in a box with sewing equipment in it. We then see a jump cut to where the metal hands cut a line through the doll, this emphasises that the anonymous character doing something with the doll what the audience isn’t aware of just yet. Significantly this suggests that this isn’t your ordinary kid’s film and is not the typical story line associated for children as this is a horror styled film. Again there are a lot of jump cuts during the doll scene which this breaks in continuity as it jolts to various parts of the doll, though the audience will think different as it looks like they have picked the scissors up without the actually needing to see it as it’s a natural instinct to just assume it. It then shows a close up of the metal hands pulling out the doll’s hair which this is significant as you know they are changing the dolls appearance from the last one, furthermore the doll reassembles the main character of the film.
We cut to a draw full of buttons which the hands choose a pair of buttons for the dolls eyes, again which resemble to the main characters. In addition to this there is a lot of buttons emphasising that this metal hand creature has done this before, when the camera shot moves over to the draw we see that the character has taken out the stuffing and re-stuffed it, this suggests that she uses the doll for each person that moves into this certain house. We see an outline of the creature’s shadow that is sewing the buttons onto the doll’s eyes, conveying that the genre of the film is a horror animation as you usually get shadows in horrors. Significantly this makes the audience aware that the film is going to be creepy aside from the fact that it’s an animation.
After that we then have another close up of the doll’s hair that is blue, this is important due to the main character having blue hair, this teases the audience as the influence of having the blue hair gives an insight on what the character is going to look like before actually seeing her. After the doll has been made the metal hands sets it free to float back out of the window into the night sky, referring back to the beginning of this sequence.
The sound behind the titles is non-diegetic and is used in a way to make it sound creepy, emphasising the fact that this is a horror animation. As the opening sequence goes on the music gets louder once it has gone back to the titles, though after the titles the music then becomes quieter, perhaps this represents that we have escaped into another reality.