The Purge opening analysis v1

I have chosen this film opening due to it being similar to my preliminary task production, as well as both films in thriller genres. The film starts off with a dark blank picture with the title screen ‘universal pictures presents’ followed by credits, this makes the audience aware of the producers that made the film, the screen also flickers at the start of the sequence which this gives off a sinister vibe to the whole film as well as the flickering represents the insatiability of the economy that links to the context of the film. This establishes that the movie is aimed more towards the adult audience as dark colours are usually used in horror films like the Purge, in addition the audience are still kept in the dark as they don’t know what’s yet to come. It then goes on to showing various clips of cctv type footage of violent gun crime on this specific night known as ‘the purge’. Behind these clips non diegetic music is played thoroughly, this contrasts well with the film as the music is upbeat and cheerful almost like its fit for a Disney film, which this gives off an eerie effect to the start of the film making the audience feel uncomfortable before the film has even started properly. Significantly one of the final clips of the cctv footage before the film starts is of a women covered in blood which adds to the mise en scene as the women is in an abandoned place, again this is eerie. The camera angles used in this opening are mostly high angle shots and long shots, by using high angle shots it makes the audience feel more controlling and powerful as they are above these people, like they are dominating  them.