I haven’t watched all of the American Horror Stories but the ones I have watched I loved even though I started watching them in a backwards order. I took inspiration from various opening sequences from American Horror Story for my film opening, I love the style of all of the openings, they are so all different yet so similar in the way they have been edited together. I wanted to give the same effect to my film opening sequence, though mine has more of a storyline whereas American Horror Story doesn’t follow a particular storyline for the opening as it is a TV series. I really like the opening title sequence to Hotel, the music fits so well with every part of the video. I tried to find music similar for my title sequence and luckily I did! like American Horror Story opening’s every sound of the music is in sync with every scene. I also took inspiration from the colour palette and special effects, which i used Adobe After Effects to edit the orignal colour of my video footage. The use of colour is very significant in the horror genre as it allows the audience to identify what kind of message the film is trying to send, for instance the colour of my film creates the sense that something bad is going to happen. In addition, i love the use of the flash/ flicker effect to change between different scenes and the titles i think this looks really good and is really effect in the horror genre. Again, i took inspiration when making my title sequence, i wanted to have my scenes flicker into the titles as it works well with the style of genre.