For my film opening ‘DOLLY’ I used various props, such as a realistic, life size doll as well as a rocking horse. I used these props as they have conventions of the horror genre and can easily create tension and suspense. The film is about a possessive doll that turns jealous when her loving owner throws her to the side for her new Christmas present, she no longer wants anything to do with the doll as she is so in love with her rocking horse, all goes wrong when she throws her doll of the horse. I used my niece Phoebe as my main actor as she fit the part of the little girl well. For her costume I chose a tartan pinafore dress to create a orphan kind of look, making her look creepy, so her costume contrasts with the dolls. I wanted the location to look like it was set in the olden times as this creates more of a horror atmosphere to the set of the film, therefore I used a yellow/ dim spotlight to light up the set. I then used Adobe After Effects to put a dark colour palette on the film to make it look grainy and dull.


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