Annabelle the horrifying  vintage doll featured firstly in “The Conjuring”, though she was only shown slightly at the pre-opening credits sequence. A year after we then see “Annabelle” again  in her own film  more and how she came to be demonically possessed. In addition, the setting of this film is in the 1960s in a California suburb, the  young couple John and Mia are expecting their first child. One day, John surprises Mia, who was a vintage doll collector, with a huge antique doll with painted ivory face wearing white satin dress adorned by a red bow. It just so happened that same night, crazy satanic cultists attack their home and there was resulting bloodshed. However, since that night, there was no more peace in John and Mia’s household, especially after she gives birth to their daughter. Ward Horton, Mia’s husband John, who is a medical student, which makes a convenient excuse for him to be always on call during the night, leaving Mia alone in the house either watching television or working on her sewing machine. Though strange things start happening when Mia is alone with Annabelle in the house with her.

I really liked the vintage look of this film, with its faded/ dull colour palette, as well as the architecture, interior design, fashion, hairstyles, television shows, pop music all captured the era really well. Furthermore, these things creates the scariness factor as everything looks so old, making all of the film look haunted, which horror films often follow the old vintage style as this helps the audience identify that the film is within the horror genre, this makes the location and setting recognisable to the audience. Significantly, I took inspiration of the colour palette and location of many horror films/ TV series as they all usually use a dull/ grimy colour palette as well as a old looking/ vintage location, which I tried to create by using after effects to add a green/ dull colour palette, as well as I added glitches to build tension throughout the sequence, which this creates a sense of danger and connotes to the audience that something bad is going to happen with doll.

I also really liked the cinematography that employs camera angles that give you the point of view of the tormented victim so that the audience do not know what will happen next. The suspense builds up intensely various times during the film, with the effectiveness of the  editing and splicing of scenes together accompanied by a dramatic build of non diegetic sound that creates a atmospheric tension that contributes to the tone of the film. In addition, I took inspiration from the build of music in this film as its a similar sort of storyline using a doll, as well as a lot of horror films use a big build up when something is about to happen to create tension and suspense.